About Me

My situation in a snap shot…..

I have been in Australia for nearly a year. I live in the Eastern suburbs, Sydney and work for IT Matters as a Senior Infrastructure Consultant. Currently I am setting up a business called Business Fastmatch. I keep myself busy in my spare time with Boxing and other goal orientated activities, and make every minute count.

My Personality…..

I am a bit of a geek (the cool kind), as I love interesting facts and constantly learning. I am very ambitious, tenacious and all for self development. I take it upon myself to put myself out of my comfort zones often. I enjoy new and different experiences, and am one of those annoying people who have done almost everything and has a comment on almost anything. I am a soft touch when I comes to helping people where I can, but tough enough to be stubborn and stand mine or a loved ones ground. I’m not particularly conformist and have an independent viewpoint of life. This has worked well for me in business as it helps to be a little different. I’ve done a lot for Charity including climbing Kilimanjaro and two Charity Boxing fights. Therefore I love a good challenge and if someone else can gain from me trying to achieve, even better.

English: A panorama of Mount Kilimanjaro. Pict...

English: A panorama of Mount Kilimanjaro. Picture taken in Moshi, Tanzania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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