**Please Share – The Pyjama Foundation**

Happy Valentines Day everyone.

As promised, this year I planned to do a bit more for charity. Most years I raise money for a cause and last years was for the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation. This year I swore to put more in that just $$$$. Upon an extensive Google search over Christmas I found the following charity:


The Pyjama Foundation have a mentoring system to help Foster children to become more literate. It involves volunteers to be allocated an agreed child for the long term development of the child. This got my attention as you are putting in something that is priceless and really changing lives for the better. You know exactly what the benefit to the charity is, as you are the service provider. Having passed the interviews and working with Children check, I have just been accepted as a ‘Pyjama Angel’ myself.

I would like to get the word out there though as without an extensive search I would never of heard of this great cause. They need funds to help with the resources for the children. Plus they are in need of more volunteers in all regions. Therefore any exposure we get get from this blog will also be priceless for some Foster kid that deserves a bit of a break.

Feel free to contact me direct for more info.



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