Christmas Reflection

Christmas is the event of the year. The one that we all get together and notice the difference in our daily norms and routines. With this I always find it a time to reflect. Some use this for New Year, and make short-lived resolutions. Christmas time for me is far more powerful a time to reflect and look at what is important to you. However with the heavy emotional cloud over Christmas it is a bitter-sweet time of year and its this that I have reflected on.

For many of us ‘Family’ is the focus of the day. Its when we all get together regardless and indulge together. We build bridges with blood and enjoy the festivities. A time to be grateful and enjoy each others company. Reinforcing this is the continuous loop of Christmas movies from Home Alone to Elf. All targeting family values ant time together. All heart-warming and thought provoking at points. We could be excused for thinking that this variance of scenario’s are the norm for everyone. However they are not. For me I am 16,983 km away from my blood relatives. Not only will we not have this ‘family’ time, but also the time difference makes it very hard to converse. Plus this year I am not with my immediate Australian family. Therefore my personal experience has not been the heart-warming one of the movies. I miss both branches of my family all the time, but even more so today. It is not a day to be on your own and I felt it. To the point I almost wish there was a more realistic Christmas movies focusing on something else. To be frank, I wouldn’t wish this experience on anyone.

However there is more to Christmas than this. As downbeat and inwardly-focused you can become in this situation, feeling sorry for yourself and wishing things were different its also a time to add perspective. Its not all about looking at how things ‘should’ be. Hoping that others that are enjoying their Christmas Day think about you too. Its a time to think of others that have it worse again. At the end of the day, it is just a day and I have the roof over my head and the food in my belly. I am fortunate. This year has witnessed some of the worst events to humanity around the world. There has been no exception to location, from France to Syria and Australia these events can affect any of us. Life can really be a hell of a lot worse and my Christmas Day ended up with me counting my blessings. I am lucky I was not personally affected by these. Im lucky I have not lost a loved one to passing. With this mindset we can also look at those all around us that have much less than us today. The homeless are a really good example. I had tried to join the Exodus team (charity) to help this year. However it was full in November with volunteers. Thats far more heart-warming to know there are that many people giving up their family Christmas for others than watching the relentless Christmas media. There are numerous opportunities to look the other way and see others worse off than you. I hope you all give that some thought today and call someone that it hoping to hear from you and maybe on their own. To take a step to help others that are far worse off than us. Plus count our blessings if the atrocious events have not affected someone you love.

Finally I take my next years resolutions from this mind set. I like to do a lot for charity. I have done every year of my adult life. However I can do more and this will be my focus. Not just fundraising and donations but time too. This is how I like to live my life and hopefully my existence can keep having a positive affect on those that are not as fortunate as myself, even though I am on my own this Christmas Day.

Happy Christmas Everyone.


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