The truth of Lies

Without going into detail I have witnessed lies from someone very close to me. Not nice as of who they were to me, plus I feel a betrayal as not only had they have lied, but they lied to my face! To look me in the eye and lie about something so big is audacious and fundamentally wrong. Naturally I have spent some time digesting these lies again and again as to why they would do it, plus how did they do it. How did I not read on their face and body language that they were looking me in the eye and lying?

Anyway from these thoughts I have learned to be be more cautious about trusting people that get close, but also there are three types of faces that cant lie, and I would like to share my thoughts on these:

1) Infants. My Son is 18 months old and has no idea of the bad situation surrounding his family. He is genuinely happy to see me for a couple of hours at the weekend and runs up to a photo of me saying “Daddy”. Last week I post a video I made when he was with me and his face was full of truth. There is not one lying or corrupt bone in his body. When he smiles, it is real and full of love. His face cannot lie as he is innocent. The world and others bad intentions have not entered his world yet so doesn’t need to protect himself. Therefore the innocence of youth is the first face that cannot lie.

2) Old people. Im talking very old and wrinkly here. For me their faces cant lie either. They may say a lie or white lie, but their faces cant. This may not be an exact science, but I believe if we are to look at faces and what they tell us, then these faces tell a strong story. From laughter lines to frowns this timing marks tell the truth of someones life and character. There is no hiding behind a face that cant be read and being different people. Through wrinkles your cards are on the table.

3) Finally, would be blind people. In this case people that are totally blind. When you look at them they tend to pull faces that we wouldn’t pull if we were aware of how we looked. There facial movements a immune from social norms and expectations. We all are aware of how our face should behave in different situations and control it accordingly. In that respect I can assume we are all lying a lot more than we would like to admit. As not one of us are pulling the faces that someone that it totally blind is.

So innocence, transparency and sensory disablement are the three honest faces out there. I wish I hadn’t fallen victim to lies from someone so close.


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