The Hatred of Running: vol 3

Ignoring international time difference, it is exactly one week until the London marathon. To enable the intended crossing of the finishing line I have stuck to the intermediate training plan to the letter. In fact I am just about to do the final ‘long run’ of the training. Surely they set you up to succeed and not fail?

Looking back at the previous 16 weeks of training, I am proud I have completed this alone. There are a few half marathon+ distances in there. Plenty of times where what was prescribed to do, was actually the last activity that I actually wanted to do. Its a test in its own right. Moreover it has confirmed once and for all that I am not built to run!

Looking forward, am I confident of completing the marathon? No! I have not done the distance before and struggling intensely with lesser distances. People have come out the woodwork with advice. Ive been told to look up and enjoy the carnival atmosphere. Ive also been told not to worry if I poo myself while running, as it is very common. I can now see myself looking down trying to hold it in lol. One thing for sure is it will be a life event to remember.

Finally I would like to say a heart warming thank you to those that went out their way to sponsor me. Each donation has touched me and pushed me to train harder. The charity themselves are very grateful for support and have messaged me many times to say thanks. We smashed the 5k target early, hopefully this is a trend that will continue into race day.

Thank you everyone.


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