The Hatred of running: Vol 2

Legs Eleven…..

That is how many weeks I am into the 17 week training plan. As expected I would be lying if I said I am enjoying it. What it is doing, is sending very mixed messages to my body. Over the previous 11 weeks of military running patterns they have gradually built me up to further distance and longer times. They stagger it so that during the week the interval or shorter runs get a little easier. I find my confidence rise as a spring in my otherwise reluctant steps appear. I believe I can see positive developments and become more confident. I still don’t enjoy it, but am comforted by my observations.

Then comes the Sunday! Traditionally a day of rest and Yorkshire Puddings. In this wonderful day of the week, they slip in the ‘long run’ the ‘beast’. The Sunday just gone was 30 KM!!!!!! In the scorching Ozzie sun I roast, dehydrate, ache and whinge to myself for nearly 3 hours. I hit the wall, push past it to find another wall. I fantasise about water and strawberry ice cream. I wish myself on a sofa with a little bell for service. Then come back to the gruelling activity I am putting myself through. All those little moments of confidence generated during the week have all been undone. I cannot imagine going further and completing a whole marathon. I am not a runner and do not see how this temple of mine will drag itself to old Buckingham house?

The worse point is, this is every Sunday. I have it to do tomorrow AGAIN! I will change the subject now as trying not to think of it!

cheese burger!!

Damn…Its still there. When I first looked at the training schedule I imagined by this point, I would be fit as a fiddle with a streamlined six pack for the day. Instead it has crept up super quick with my confidence low for the big day.

It is for a great cause why I am doing all this. Therefore all donations are appreciated and I promises you they enter my mind when all I want to do is give up and go to the Pub!

Thanks again:


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