The Hatred of Running VOL:1

I dont like running at all. Now I am running a lot and it has developed into a hatred. I want to explain myself:

When I go for a run, I prepare myself to ease the pain as much as possible. Nice new cushioned, supportive and flash-coloured trainers. Light weight, branded shorts and t shirt, that enable my skin to breath. Running tracks to distract me from what I am actually doing, yet still encourage me to push further and harder! Stretches designed to prepare my body for the task ahead, prevent injury and to make me look like I know what Im doing to all on-lookers. All preparation and equipment ready for a seamless run!

I begin to run. Left, then right. One step, then the second. Who’s idea was this? Its horrible! Im two steps in and I don’t like it. Its not hurting yet, but its feeling like it will do. Its the Anti-Movement. Walking is better. I can get to places without the pain or breathlessness. Without all this timely and expensive preparation. I can walk all day and enjoy it. I even have various speeds I vary within depending on the ETA and importance of the destination. Anyway, back to the Anti-movement of running! After my personal battle with steps one and two, I find myself continuing to step 3! I find a little stride, work though a little pain barrier and breath right. I look back to find I have done the distance of one lamp post to the other. Feeling deflated it dawns on me that I have to run for an hour not 30 seconds. This brings me to another reason why I despise running. Basically you end up where you start in most cases. You need to have a goldfish mentality to make it work. You end up where your normal and comfortable clothes are. Some personal belongings and a nice shower to bring you back to world of comfort smelling fresh. When I walk Im going somewhere with purpose. The bank, pub, or work! I will leave it to you to guess which of the three demands the fasted pace! Im happy as I have got somewhere and there is purpose and direction to what effort is going in. With running it comes with all these disadvantages and with less benefit as you go no where. You up back where you started. I have real trouble computing this activity. I tell my inner self off for wasting my time, but do it yet again. People say while they are running they zone in and it clears the mind and is good for them in that respect. For me its the total opposite. I think about what I am doing each gruelling step. I amplify the Anti- Movement into my emotions. I slow it down and feel every gradient and acid prang in my muscles. I feel the pulled calf before it happens. However I do drift off and think too. I think of things I need to do. Emails I have forgot to send and tasks that need to be done urgently. Does this make me run faster? No, it makes me want to turn back to get these things done. My impulses tell me these other things are important and I better stop this pointless running lark and do something useful. Now, my mind, body, mentality and everything is telling me to stop this running. It makes no sense whatsoever to continue this gruesome activity. Yet I do.

I continue to run as I am in the beginning of my training for the London Marathon. In April I run 42+ Km for charity. I run against all my bodies advice and current thresholds for a great cause. I have accepted the challenge of a lifetime in order to help a great charity. Any support will not only help me make my next 1 to 2 steps in my training and motivate me to complete the race itself, but help this charity do the amazing work they did for my family. Please show your support on the link below. Thank you…

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