After the half Marathon

Last weekend I completed the first half marathon of my lifetime. It was not a stroll in the park!!

Sunday AM, we woke at 5am (unheard of) and made our way to the Sydney Olympic village. The Saturday was very hot, and was hoping for a cooler day. Thankfully it was, and the early start played a huge factor in that. The route was 21km around the Olympic village, the bay and back again. It ended in the glam venue of the athletics stadium and it’s famous 100 meter track. My secret aspirations were to finish strong on that famous track. Im glad I kept them secret.

The race started well. Remembering little bits of advice, I paced myself and ran my own race. That included over taking everyone possible. I also remembered why I was there in the first place, as don’t really like running at all. This was a warm up for the London Marathon and for a great cause. This race would prove to be a great gauge to my current limits.

The route was full of views and running enthusiasts. I started strong and full of pace full of confidence. At 10Km I felt a little bored and realised I was running again. Thanks to my motivational tunes to snap me out of that. Then disaster struck….At the 14km flag I pull up with a sharp pain in my left knee. Ive had the problem before and its unwelcome. If I was running on my own, I would’ve stopped and gone to the aid of the nearest pub. However, I couldn’t let all my “overtakee’s” get one over on me. So the decision is made to run through the pain and finish the final 7km.

It slowed me down and really made me question if I could finish what I was confident of just 1 hour ago. Slowly I meander the cones, signs, people and discarded paper cups. All the time dodging the press in case they catch me struggling. The final 1km is surely inaccurate as it felt like another 5km. I reach the 100 meters for my famous sprint finish, think about it, re-think about it, and hobble over with drudging pride. Im shattered!

In April I fly to England to do this twice in one sitting. This I know to be great personal challenge. My sore legs are testament to that still. However the cause is worth of my efforts and your support. Anything you can give on the link below will be appreciated. Moreover I will help push me further when I really need it in the main race:

Also click on this link to see my race results. I finished with a respectable time of 01:59.54. You can find me at page 32. (not last)

Thanks for all your support.

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