Half Marathon

Like anything that is a test, it seems like a great at the time of signing up, until the realising of the event or challenge comes up. Ive done this many before with tasks like boxing. Others have done this with things like sky diving or tough Mudder. Mine is less formidable, but a challenge non the less. I am taking part in the Sydney Half Marathon in the Olympic village next week. A 5am start on a Sunday is not idea of fun, followed with the run itself. However, this is just a tester for the London Marathon I am running in April. Therefore whatever I need drag myself to do next weekend, I will need to more of in April. Thus making the whole exercise a tad daunting. Plus I don’t like running at all……

I will update with photo’s and my time of completion (if i do).

Feel free to look at the route I am running at: http://www.runsydney.com

Also any donations for the main event is always greatly received. The cause is very worthy and all support appreciated. You can donate at: http://www.justgiving.com/TomHitchcock1

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