A tough farewell to LOL

With essential media like Facebook and the increase of SMS correspondence, I have witnessed in my lifetime an influx of slang abbreviations. Many are recognisable to the masses and some more regionalised and age restrictive leaving those of us outside these groups guessing what they mean. For me the godfather of slang abbreviations is LOL. If there is anyone out there left that does not understand what is means, it is ‘Laugh out Loud’.

Fundamentally it is the biggest lie on the internet. Every time you have written LOL were you literally Laughing out Loud? I doubt it very much. Even more frustrating about this fad that stuck is that nearly all of us do it. Some more than others admittedly, but we all do. It is the godfather primarily for this reason. However there is more to this internet lie. It is not only a false comment, but is acceptable out of context, i.e:

“Weird guy in office been sacked LOL”
“Dropped iphone in the toilet LOL”

LOL has snuck in everywhere. Our fingers on our touch screens automatically type it without a passing thought whether it is right-to-write or not. A slang habit! It appears to be the new FULLSTOP. Maybe it has evolved into new age punctuation? In either case, I don’t like it. I don’t like the lie, the misplacement or the fact it seems to have control over my socio-technical communication.

Therefore I plan to stop. This is not going to be easy. Should I take myself off LOL’s little by little until I don’t rely on them anymore? Should I ask others to not LOL around me as I’m trying to quit? Will I put on weight if I stop LOLing? I think maybe a good start would be a sponsored LOL BAN? People do sponsored ‘silences’ and ‘runs’ for charity. This could be a great one. The only issue this one is probably harder! Can we do 24hours, a week, a month? We will slip up for sure. Maybe I will wait and make it a new years resolution?

In short, I do genuinely plan to stop LOLing as it annoys me. It will not be easy, and it will be great to see if others want to take up this challenge with me? Once we stop it we will need to think of something new that is actually used when we are laughing out loud! LOL

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