Proof: Technology is slowing us down.

We live in a technically advanced world, where the newest technology is outdated as soon as it is popularised. Competitive businesses are clambering over parent quotas, staying ahead of the game, and hence profitable is creating technology quicker than ever. In almost all aspects of our daily life, modern technology plays a part. Therefore it has changed how we go about our lives forever.

A long time argument has been that this is not a good trend. There are even t-shirts printing the image of evolution. Ape, to Neanderthal to the upright modern man, only then the be followed with an arched-backed man walking, reading his texts. The humour representing an apparent backwards step. We can all empathise with this simple analogy, whether we agree with the stance or not. What we can’t dismiss is the effects on our lives. They think for us. I was born in 79, and my generation had to remember our friends ‘HOME’ numbers off by heart. Without making a claim to popularity, there was quite a few to remember, and we did. This does not happen anymore. Now when we lose our mobile, our world falls apart. We have no way to organically remember every number that we need or want. We turn to another technology instead, the Internet. The Facebook status “Ive lost my phone, please inbox me your number” is a regular update. Computing technology thinks for us with saved passwords, spelling corrections and even what we are about to look for. Google technology knows what we are looking for before we do. It’s a rare achievement beating Google’s predicted searches. We communicate and meet new people virtually, so our social skills have become keypad fabrication skills. Our lives are saved in a cloud. More information is stored on us by people we will never meet then we can recall ourselves (without technical help).

Where would we be if it was all taken away? The feeling of panic and dread we have when we tap our pockets to realise we have lost our phone! The devasting affect it will have on our lives, seems just a warning to reming us to take notes on paper. To actually putting something to memory and becoming free of the electrical shackles. In short there are many well documented viewpoints as to why technological advancement is a hindrance and potential backward step leaving to slow down as a being. My proof comes from a slightly more literal scenario 3 days ago.

My walk home from work lasts about ten minutes. Therefore there are plenty of other suits with the same freedom strut on my route. A common trait is to do this strut with the smart phone in the hand. I am guilty of this stance walking home. This particular day, about 100 meters from my gated entrance I had the opportunity to overtake a lady. Not because she was walking slow, but because the smart phone demanded her devoted attention. Thus temporally paralysing the legs. I thought it was just males that couldn’t multi task! I giggled in silence to myself as I overtook with ease and unnoticed. Within a minute I was through my gate and blissfully home. I walked up stairs, ceremoniously tossed my left then right shoe off. I did a few things around the place, only to chill on the  sofa for a bit. This routine is followed by me jumping back up a few minutes later, slipping my shorts on and going back downstairs to fire-gaze at the daily news for a while. It was hot, so I opened the door to let the air in. To my surprise this same lady had only made it as far as my infamous gate (10-15 mins).  I was shocked at the extent of her paralysis. How could technology slow this lady down this much? It made me think, and I came to the conclusion that this was the final proof needed that technology has slowed us down.

If you are reading this on your smartphone, I apologise for any lateness I may have caused.

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